#DayofDH Museums and digital technology: concurrence or convergence?

When digital technologies began to invade our lives, museums seemed to be condemned to the past, while people were been increasingly seduced by new forms of entertainment, more dynamic, more interactive, more spectacular and more immediately rewarding. Should it be the end of museum era (as the end of theatre, cinema, or book era)?

In museums, some curators tried to consolidate the institution in its always framework: an erudite, sober and unchangeable, place with a high knowledge content, in contrast to  the “non-places” of our supermodernity, as described by Marc Augé (1992), or to the ever-changing realities of ours network connections with no-time and no-where. By preserving the memory, the authority of the object in custody in the museum would be a final stronghold against the changes of contemporary…

Or museums can update themselves and use technology in their behalf.

Utilização de recursos de Humanidades Digitais no Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Foto: MIR, 2014.
Digital humanities @ Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Photo: MIR, 2014.

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