Trabalhos efetuados por alunos da UC Museologia e Património
Universidade Católica Portuguesa


Art and censorship
Francisco Oliveira

A research work on the History of the „Dirndl” and the traditional costume in the present day
Anja Fürstenberg

Chilida Leku
Eva Orna & Alejandro Lavirgen

Museums without doors: Issue of accessibility of museums in Austria during the COVID-19 pandemic
Karolina Duelli

The evolution of museum practice: From object to performance and technology
Kira Bonde Andersen

A arte de trabalhar o vidro
Maria Tomás de Andrade

How to make an everyday object possible in a museum? In other words, how to make people want to pay to see objects that surround them on a daily basis?
Sarah Desport

The National Museum of Bardo: The stakes of a national museum of Tunisia, representing a part of universal history
Zeineb Jebali