Art and censorship

By Francisco Oliveira


Perhaps one of the best ways to look at art should be to understand the artist’s foundations for his creations and the world that goes beyond his aspirations and inspirations. Nevertheless, when the artist touches last with his brush on the canvas, his work is no longer a personal possession. No longer expresses only his motivations and ideologies. It is, from then on, for the world to appreciate, interpret, and to own, in many different ways.

After a crescendo of a public and generalized idea towards the limits of the artistic work, trying to define them as clear as possible, and ultimately aiming to censor, it also became clear that there should be a response to these movements. As it has happened many times before, the confrontation between art and the currents that strive to limit her results in discussion, controversy, and – too often – in art’s defeat.

Image result for bronze statue of eros sleeping
Bronze statue of Eros sleeping, artist unknown, 3rd–2nd century B.C.

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